Advanced facilities for expedited processing.

Our worldwide delivery network includes 40+ proprietary distribution centers, including 22 in North and South America. These facilities are located throughout the U.S. and in Toronto, Mexico City and Buenos Aires. Several of our state-of-the-art distribution centers serve as gateway processing centers for international shipments. Every one of them is designed for maximum security and efficiency.

Sophisticated sorting for expedited delivery.

Our massive volumes allow us to sort many domestic shipments all the way to the fifth digit of the destination ZIP Code, enabling us to insert your items deeper into the USPS postal stream. The more digits we match, the faster it gets there—and the more you save. For parcel delivery, DHL eCommerce leads the industry in performing this advanced process, which also reduces handling so your customers receive orders in better condition.

Besides the USPS, postal authorities in many other countries offer incentives for inserting large numbers of items directly into the postal stream. We can help you take advantage of these discounts as well.

Accurate delivery assured.

What if your shipments are improperly addressed, or the contents are incomplete? Using software that meets the USPS’ rigorous CASS Certification standards, we can verify every address on your domestic shipments, correcting the ZIP Code if necessary. We can also confirm international addresses with our comprehensive system containing up-to-date data for numerous foreign countries, including those that U.S. companies ship to most frequently. If you send large numbers of identical items domestically, we can even verify the accuracy of the contents of your shipments by weighing each one—a process known as Content Assurance.

Maximum security for your shipments.

Depending on the sensitivity of your shipments, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your requirements. For pick up, we can place security seals on the vehicles that transport your materials. At our distribution centers, access is highly restricted, with protections including biometric hand scanners at employee entrances. We can even provide security cages for high-value goods.